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Summerschool CDSC 2018

In April 2018, the CDSC will launch the German Summer School for non-German-speaking students for the fifth time. With about 100 million speakers, the German language is the most common spoken mother-tongue in Europe, and is the language of one of the most prosperous and developed economies in the world. Encourage your children to make the most of their summer holidays by learning one of the most meaningful languages in the world!

The goal of the German Summer School is to provide basic German language skills. The course is divided into two parts. The first part - the Basic Course - is targeted at students who want to get a taste of the German language and pick up basic knowledge. Students continuing on to the second part - the Follow-up Course - will gain solid basic language skills.

Students who enroll in the German Summer School will have three lessons German as a Foreign Language (GFL) per day as part of the Basic Course . Additionally, the CDSC offers a warm lunch as well as homework care until 3.30 pm and optional after-school-activities until 5 pm. All of these options provide great opportunities for students to practice their newly acquired German vocabulary by interacting with other German-speaking children. In order to achieve their learning goals all students will be given homework and are expected to study at home as well. Students taking part in the Follow-up Course will continue to have three lessons German as a Foreign Language (GFL) per day whereas the other daily activities included in the Basic Course will not be offered due to the holiday season for the regular classes in July.

Students who complete both sections of the course with particular success will be given the opportunity to pass over into the German school system and study at CDSC permanently with regular classes beginning in August. CDSC graduates (after Grade 12) are qualified to apply for scholarships and degree programs at German universities.

Information at a glance

"Basic Course"
(1st part) 
Wednesday, 18th April 2018 until Monday, 11th June 2018
Complete Course
(Basic and Follow-up
Wednesday, 18th April 2018 until Monday, 11th June 2018 and
Monday, 2nd of July 2018 until Friday, 27th of July 2018 
Basic Course 
08:40 am - 11:20 am German Language Intensive Course
11:30 am - 01:05 pm Tutorial
01:05 pm - 02:00 pm Lunch at school canteen
02:00 pm - 02:45 pm Homework Care
02:45 pm - 03:30 pm Study Time / Free Play
03:30 pm - 05.00 pm Extracurricular Activities (optional)
(e.g. Table Tennis, Badminton, Soccer)
Follow-up Course 
10:00 am - 12:30 am           German Language Intensive Course                                        
Target group The German Summer School is suitable for self-motivated non-german-speaking students with a high ability in learning new languages and an excellent academic performance in general but especially in English and math.
Age 10 - 12 years
  1. Apply for enrollment with the application form on our website.
  2. Submit the last two school report cards (English translation required).
  3. Take part in a basic skills math and English Test in March. 
  4. Have a meeting with a member of the school administration.
  5. After admission you will recieve an invoice.
“Basic Course” (only Part 1) 40.000 THB
Complete Course (Basic and Follow-up Course) 48.800 THB

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Lernen Summer School


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