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From trees to workbooks

The week from 27 to 31 January 2020 was dedicated to the topic "paper" in primary school. For one week, classes 1 to 4 dealt with trees, the production of paper, the impact on the environment and much more. The classes and various project groups worked, did handicrafts, made music, created objects and worked with the computer.

Every morning, all students met in their classes to start the day together. A video at the beginning of the week put everyone in the mood for the topic.

A fixed point on the week's agenda was the various workshops. The pupils could register for the workshops in advance. "Baskets of Newspaper", "Seed Paper", "Origami", "Peacock Crafts", "The Book worm", "We build a paper xylophone", "The detective game" or "Interactive Posters with Makey Makey" were the topics and everyone could deepen their knowledge about paper in three of these workshops. The results of the workshops were then presented to parents in a small exhibition on Friday.

Another highlight of the week was the joint excursion to the "Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park". It was a great event because the children could experience "up close" how paper can be made from "Elephant Poo Poo". In the end, everyone was allowed to make a card with an envelope - of course from elephant paper!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this week a great success!

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Home News From trees to workbooks


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