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Proud of the graduation crowd - CDSC Graduation classes 10 and 12

20200613 Abschlussfeier 163

We proudly present our graduates of the classes 10 and 12:
Class 10: Noemi Eschweiler, Jasmin Heri and Lisa Schultz
Class 12: Arkarawat Footrakul, Hatsalak Kleger, Geon Young Lee, Jessica Luder, Johanna Nescholta and Mintra Sowa

Time is relative!
Taking a deep breath, excited and with some reverence, our students made their way to school for the first time not too long ago. This may have been the thoughts of one or the other parent last Saturday, June 13, 2020, a few days after the last exams. For one or the other of the examinees, on the other hand, this day seemed, even if only from time to time, to be in infinite distance, but then it finally arrived.

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Again taking a deep breath, excited and certainly with some reverence for the things and "obstacles" that would lie before them on the still unexplored paths of life, these students, accompanied by proud applause, stepped onto the stage at the Empress Hotel and, with the reception of their final certificates, they became graduates of the CDSC.
With warm-hearted words from the principle, Markus Brandtner, the chairman of the board, David Nescholta, the class teachers, Kiki Hoffmann and Eva Steuhl, and the high school graduate, Jessica Luder, they were released into the "life after school", only to meet up once again at the school just two days later.

20200613 Abschlussfeier 7020200613 Abschlussfeier 9520200613 Abschlussfeier 76

20200613 Abschlussfeier 13720200613 Abschlussfeier 15620200613 Abschlussfeier 161

There they arrived at their "old place of work" and, perhaps introducing a new CDSC tradition, planted a tree, the "CDSC Graduation Tree of 2020", which was given to them and the school as a gift.
We wish them all the best, much joy and success on their ways and are looking forward to seeing them again!

20200615 Abschlussfeier Tree Planting 620200615 Abschlussfeier Tree Planting 16

20200615 Abschlussfeier Tree Planting 21

Home News Proud of the graduation crowd - CDSC Graduation classes 10 and 12


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