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CDSC spring 2020: e-learning highlights

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Due to the Corona pandemic, learning at CDSC has been continued at home since the Easter holidays: now with weekly plans and online exams, with explanatory videos and digital quizzes, with exchanges via chat forums, video conferences and much more. In the following, we have compiled a selection of remarkable, diverse and innovative works produced by our creative students during e-learning.
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Art Class 5 “Room in a box”
Representing a room in a shoebox: the interior decoration should be designed by yourself.
5. Klasse Mina Vianden5.Klasse Elias Hunziker5.Klasse Leni Bock


Art Class 6 “Brick villa in the jungle”
In the complementary colours red and green, with many colour gradations, a brick stone villa with a garden should be standing in a jungle.
6.Klasse Amie Müller6. Klasse Chootiganist Watcharawontanont6. Klasse Christina Vipanunt

6. Klasse Sonya Schurter6.Klasse Sarah Armstrong


German Class 6 “Games”
Playing games and describing them in an explanatory video...


Sport Class 6 “Power exercises”


German Class 7 “The sorcerer's apprentice”
1797 is considered the ballad year of German literature. J.W. Goethe and Friedrich Schiller wrote countless ballads, which are still relevant today. When a sorcerer's apprentice overestimates himself excessively and very quickly reaches his limits, the question arises, especially in this day and age, whether we, as the human species, are not constantly overestimating our abilities! Schiller's "Handschuh" is also about human pride. The pupils of class 7 have recorded their ballad recitals, one of many successful ones is to be shown here.


Physics Class 7 “Conversion of energy”
An explanatory video was to be produced for the term "energy conversion", in which the term is explained on the basis of an experiment chosen by the student.


Art Class 8 Buildings in parallel perspective

8.Klasse Iphigenie Brandtner 8. Klasse Andreas Schurter

8. Klasse Ian Janzen 8. Klasse Si Jeon Kim


Geography Class 8 “Passat circulation”


Physics Class 8 “Generating voltage”
Generating electric voltage yourself: students could summarize a text on different voltage sources or... build an apple battery yourself and write a lab report!
Apfelbatterie von Jane


Social Studies Class 9 “Judge and act”
Standards for judging and acting in the times of the corona crisis / explanatory video


Art Class 9 “Pedestrian zone”
Pedestrian zone from the perspective of a child/ Shading with fine liner
9.Klasse Alina Stüber9.Klasse Evangelina Chitov9.Klasse Nadja Brämer

9.Klasse Thepchoo Mihatsch9. Klasse Jane Jirah Ginger Koch9. Klasse Yana Vogel


Mathematics Class 9 “Corona maths”
In Corona times, 9th-grade students wrote a letter to a younger sibling explaining what exponential growth is and what it has to do with the spread of an infectious disease.
Corona-Mathe-Brief von Max


Physics Class 9 “The law of inertia”
In a video Newton's first law had to be explained by means of an experiment of one's own choice.

Home News CDSC spring 2020: e-learning highlights


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