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Occupational Therapy: Mind, Brain & Body Center

Khruu Ton is an Occupational Therapist at the Mind, Brain and Body Center in HangDong. His center employs eight theraspists, working together with several Thai and international schools in Chiang Mai. The center specialises in working with children who face challenges with study, leisure and everyday life activities stemming from social, cognitive or motor disorders.

Sensory Integration


Healthy development evolves from bottom to top, as shown in the above diagram. Each step of development builds on the next. When a child experiences acacdemic problems, often the cause can be found in a closer examination of the components within the sub-steps related to the problem behaviors.

Some pediatricians do not understand the problems of sensory integration and wrongly diagnose with ADHD. At the center, Behavioral Experts diagnose the different sensory disorders. Once identified, they can be treated therapeutically through integrated play programs. Language, therefore, is not the focus.

The therapeutic options will be most effective for children between two to nine years of age but we welcome children up to fourteen years of age in our program.


Fon: 086 9199879; 081 4735841



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