School fees

 School fees

  Care times One-time admission fee

Yearly school fee

Nursery (under 2 years) 7:50 - 14:00
7:50 - 15:00

20.000 THB admission fee

50.000 THB deposit

129.000 THB
144.000 THB
Nursery (under 3 years) 7:50 - 14:00
7:50 - 15:00
116.000 THB
130.000 THB
Kindergarten regular (3 - 6 years) 7:50 - 13:00
7:50 - 15:30 (except friday)
  96.000 THB
 110.000 THB 
Primary school (grade 1 - 4) 7:50 - 15:30

50.000 THB admission fee

50.000 THB deposit

184.000 THB
Grade 5 (Orientation) - Grade 6 7:50 - 15:30  
regular   190.000 THB
DaF childeren (German as foreign language)   250.000 THB
Grade 7 - Grade 8  7:50 - 15:30  
regular 207.000 THB
DaF children (German as foreign language)   267.000 THB
Grade 9 (without upper school)   224.000 THB
A: Hauptschulabschluss end of grade 9         
Grade 10 (without upper school) 224.000 THB
B: Realschulabschluss end of grade 10
C: Qualification for upper school (G8) end of grade 10
Grade 10 - 12 (upper school)   242.000 THB
German International Abitur (DIAP)   

For each new registered child a deposit of 50.000 THB becomes due additionally to the application fee. It will be returned after resignation of the child or after finishing kindergarten/school, and after settlement of all outstanding expenses without interest. Unpaid bills, not returned or damaged school items and school books, etc. after leaving CDSC will be deducted from the security deposit.

For children in nursery and kindergarten free Lunch is included in the childcare fee. Regular textbooks are provided by the school. Costs of further Teaching materials (workbooks, calculators, reading material, etc.), as well as additional offers of the CDSC (for example: language support programs, work groups, school field trips, Lunch, etc.) will be charged separately.

If families have more than one child in the preschool and school section, a discount of 10% for the second child, 15% for the third child and from the fourth child on a discount of 20% on the admission and school fee will be granted.

For children, who will be registered at CDSC for less than a year, the full registration fee will occur. The school and / or care fees shall be calculated in proportion to the gross school weeks.The admission of students for a period of one semester or less is only possible in exceptional cases and on separate terms. A special examination by the principal is a requirement for this.

The scale of fees for 2020/21 you can find here