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Festivals & Events

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Celebrating festivals and events together at the school: these are days during the school year which are cherished by students, parents and teachers alike. Over the years some wonderful traditions of celebrating together have been established at CDSC. These include:

Lantern Parade with Picnic at McKean in November

Every November, the elementary school team organizes a lantern parade at McKean, a beautifully green, peaceful campus, not far from the school. The program starts in the late afternoon with a buffet picnic with food provided by the families. Given the variety of nationalitites represented at CDSC, a great feast with a broad variety of treats is the result. At nightfall the lantern procession begins in the chapel and proceeds through the small pedestrian streets of the McKean campus. Afterwards, everyone meets for baking bread on sticks over a campfire. This is a special event for all, especially the little ones who love to participate with the lanterns they have so carefully made in class.

Advent Bazaar and Christmas Celebration in December

Every year, two days before the Christmas holidays begin, our Advent Bazaar takes place. In the afternoon, students, parents and friends of the CDSC open their stands to sell Christmas treats such as punch, waffles, homemade cookies and other handmade crafts. Creativity has no limits here. Regardless of the warmer temperatures, (compared to Germany in December), a truly cozy Christmas atmosphere is felt on this day. The proceeds collected every year are donated to a good cause. Afterwards everyone gathers in the school auditorium for the Christmas Pageant. The teachers always organize an entertaining, mostly musical program in which all the students are actively involved.

Fun Fair - Flea Market and Fun Games in February

The first weeks of a new year are a good time to shed ballast. The Fun Fair, the CDSC flea market organized and managed by the parents board, takes place at the beginning of February. Besides diverse second-hand articles, cakes, coffee, Thai dishes and other snacks are sold. In order to entertain the kids, it has become tradition on this special day for a bouncing castle to be provided. A few games are also offered, supervised by older students or teachers. The proceeds are given to the school to fund internal projects.

Thai Culture Day in May

As common for all schools in Thailand, the CDSC reserves one day per year for celebrating the special traditions of the Thai culture. During this morning, classes are cancelled and the whole school community gathers in the gymnasium for a performance. The teachers and students are clothed with traditional northern Thai dresses - some of them you can hardly recognize. The Thai teachers and employees are available to assist anyone interested in receiving a Thai make-over, including hair styling and make-up application. Each class prepares a small traditional or modern Thai presentation to proudly perform for the school community. The Thai families provide the culinary component for the event by preparing and selling traditional Thai dishes. Special days like this help the non-Thai members of the school community to become more familiar with the culture of their host country.


School life Festivals & Events


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