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  • 01 Daniel bei ProTechTransfer in Bangkok
  • 02 Pilz- und Obstfarm in Mae Jo

The application and field-testing of acquired knowledge and social skills is an important experience for all students. Therefore, students engage in a two-week internship in Grade 9 and a one-week social internship in the Grade 10.

In past years, the two-week internship has been conducted in Grade 10 but is now to be moved to Grade 9. The one-week social internship has previously taken place in Grade 9 but is to be postponed to Grade 10, beginning in the school year 2014/15. As an interim solution, in the school year of 2013/14 a classical internship is conducted in both grades.

The aim of the two-week internship is to expose the students to a professional environment so they experience the daily routine and can compare their expectations with reality. This direct exposure helps the students to develop their professional interests, self-confidence and independence. In this regard, such career training should not be considered as an end in itself but as targeted training that can be applied to future vocational choices.

The aim of the one-week social internship within the context of a Christian school education is to develop the students’ social conscience by involving them in a local humanitarian effort. The students become involved with a way of life often very different from their own and invest their time consciously in the lives of other people without direct benefit to themselves. This participation promotes the student’s maturity and character development as they experience feelings of humility, success, gratitude and affirmation. The wide variety of charitable organizations around Chiang Mai offer ideal opportunities for this purpose.

Report of the Social Internship of Grade 10 (March 2015)

The social institution we visited for our social internship is called “Nikki’s Place Agape Home”. It is an orphanage for HIV-infected children at the age of 0 - 21 years in Chiang Mai. Most of the children who are brought here have lost their parents due to Aids.

To get prepared for our internship we got informed first about HIV and how it is passed on in order to make sure that we are not going to infect ourselves. Furthermore, we thought of some games and collected all the material needed to conduct them.

Daily Schedule
At 8.15 am we left at CDSC and arrived at Agape Home at 9 am. During morning time we played our prepared games and conducted some activities with the children until their lunch break and nap time. We had a short break ourselves until noon; afterwards we ate lunch at the cantine. From 1 to 2 pm we completed several tasks our tutors asked us to do. At 3 pm the bus driver came to pick us up.

Our Tasks
At morning time we played with the kids; on Monday we didn’t do any special activities in order to get to know the children first. On Tuesday we brought play dough with us and let the kids knead and shape it. On Wednesday we gave them finger paint so they could color their baked peaces of play dough. We even did a small water battle with them. On Thursday we played with the kids in their playing room. Around noon we had to paint the playing equipment at the playground which we did as well on Wednesday.

Time went by very fast this week and we as a whole class enjoyed the time at Agape Home. We realized very quickly that HIV-infected persons are normal people as we are who should not be socially excluded. We at least have been excepted by the Agape kids without any prejudices and were allowed to play with them all the time. :)


School life Internships


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