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The canteen is a lively meeting point in the school. During breaks and for lunch, teachers and students gather here to enjoy food prepared by “Bake and Bite”. The canteen staff offers a good variety of snacks, such as rolls and pastries. Everyday for lunch a Thai dish, a Western dish, a vegetarian Thai dish and a vegetarian Western dish are available, always freshly prepared. A salad buffet is included in the price of all warm meals. In addition, different beverages, such as ice tea, and desserts and ice cream can be purchased at reasonable prices.

The cantine is also a popular place for parents and working committees to meet, since coffee and cookies or a good piece of cake are always available.The canteen is open daily from 8.15 am until 4 pm. Meals must be ordered in advance and paid directly to the staff. A limited number of warm meals will be available without preorder. All dishes can be purchased as “take-aways”.

The current menu can be seen at Downloads.


School life School Cantine


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