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School Trips

School trips are an integral part of student life at CDSC. Here you can see pictures and read reports of some of the field trips which took place during this year.

Field Trip of Grade 7 to Chiang Rai from 16th - 20th February  2015

  • 01 Klassenfahrt Kl. 7
  • 02 Klassenfahrt Kl. 7

On the 16th February - a hot and sunny Monday morning - we arrived at the Chiang Mai Bus Station. We had to wait 15 minutes, so we talked excitedly about our trip and our seats in the bus, and bought some snacks. When the bus finally came, we first put our luggage in the boot of our bus and went inside the bus with just small bags. Inside it was cool and cozy, maybe even a little bit cold. The bus was pretty fine, but it had no WC! About 9:30, our bus started to move. During the driving, some of us listened to the music, some read books and some annoying boys started to fool around. We stopped once to rest.

After three and a half hours, we arrived at the Chiang Rai Bus Station. It was getting extremely hot. At about two o'clock, we finally arrived at our guesthouse in two Songthaews. The guesthouse looked nice. There was a small swing outside. A Thai lady showed us the first floor and told us that the teachers would be using the second floor. On the first floor, there were one toilet, one kitchen, two rooms for boys and one room for girls (with another toilet). We all unpacked our things in our rooms. As we were about to rest, our teacher told us, that we were going to walk around and see some temples. First we looked for a restaurant because we were getting hungry. It wasn’t easy to find a good place to eat. We got kind of lost a couple of times, walked about millions of kilometers and finally found a local Thai restaurant. The food was okay, I think, though it wasn’t really a good place to rest because it was noisy and hot. After our meal, we found a refrigerator full of fruit ice creams! All of us ate at least one ice cream, some of us ate as much as three! We came back to our guesthouse, took some rest, and went out to night bazaar. It s getting dark. On our way to the night bazaar, we saw a fabulous show. There is a huge clock tower in Chiang Rai that is decorated with gold. It was normal during the day, but at night, it changed its colour every five seconds: pink, blue, red, green and so on. There was also some music.

At the night bazaar there were lots of people from different countries. We went straight to the food place and our teacher gave us 50 baht each to eat. We also got one hour free time. Some of us bought some funny things like a grenade-shaped lighter. It was getting really late, so we walked back to our guesthouse. We prepared to sleep. Most of us took shower, brushed their teeth and changed clothes. The teachers told us to go to sleep right away, but of course we didn’t. We played quietly a bit more and then went to sleep.

Geon Young, (Taou)

On Tuesday a tracking tour was planned. At eight o’clock the guide came to pick us up at the guesthouse. We drove to the starting point with a pick-up. The tour was supposed to take approximately six hours. After hiking for a few hours we took a break. The guide and his friends prepared a meal for us. After that we continued the tour. After two hours we reached a waterfall. The water was very cold. After that we visited a Lahu village. Then, it was not far anymore: we were hiking for two more hours until the pickup took us back to the guesthouse.

Patrick, Freshy

On the third day of our field trip we went on a day trip by bicycle. At 8 o’clock a taxi brought us to the house of our guide, where we got our bicycles. We cycled to the White Temple, where we had lunch. After lunch we visited the temple and we could see the great paintings on the walls of the temple. We also threw some money on the ground of the spring because the people say you will be lucky if you do this. Then we drove on to a waterfall. On the way back from the waterfall Elmar had an accident and fell down. He hurt his knees and legs. From the waterfall we went back to our guesthouse by taxi. At 6 o’clock we had our dinner in the Thai restaurant we visited every evening.

Elmar und Simon

On Thursday morning we got up at 7 o’clock and had breakfast. At 9.45 am we went to an art gallery. Afterwards we went to “The Black Houses” which was a flop. One hour later we lost Elmar - a friend of Grade 7, but we found him again. After that we went to the “Central Plaza”. We ate at KFC and did some shopping, that was nice. Afterwards we went to the “Hilltribe Museum” which was nice as well. At the end we came back to our guesthouse and had some dinner.



School life School Trips


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