You promote cross-cultural dialogue between German-speaking children from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Thai children as well as children of other Asian nationalities.

You enable an excellent German education under the framework of the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad, which offers the German International Abitur examination, thus opening the way for the students to any German university.

By educating children from purely Thai (Asian) families, you enable them to study in Germany and help to reduce the shortage of skilled workers in Germany in the long-term.

You enable the individual support of children in small study groups in a very child-friendly environment.

You help to impart Christian values to the next generation and to prepare children for a life that also focuses on others.

Sponsoring - WarumWarum die CDSC unterstützen


The declared goal of the Cultural Relations and Education Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany is the accessibility of German higher education for foreign students. Besides averting the looming lack of qualified workers, Germany hopes to win “friends all over the world” who have an excellent education and return home with a positive image of Germany.

As part of their partnership with supporting authorities in Germany, CDSC wishes to make its own contribution to follow this goal. Therefore, the school opened its doors in 2012 for a growing contingent of students without a German background aspiring for university education in Germany. Besides the cultural and linguistic challenges, it soon became clear that a lot of local families couldn’t afford the school fees.

The idea of the CDSC Education Fund was born from the desire to nevertheless make it possible for students from households of limited financial means to receive a German education.


The Education Fund will support students exclusively in the form of a partial scholarship consisting of:

  • Grant funds from the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Interest-free loans and donations from individuals, companies or other organizations
  • Considerable financial contribution from the parents

The CDSC Education Fund supports students, upon receiving their application, with an interest-free education loan to help pay the school fees.

The main objective is to make this grant possible for the students until their desired degree. Depending on the parents’ income level, the education loan shall not exceed 75% of the school fees. Preconditions are 1.) review of the financial situation and income level of the parents and 2.) available finances within the Education Fund.

Responsible for the CDSC Education Fund is the Education Fund Committee, which accounts to the CDSC School Board. The Education Fund Committee decides in consultation with school management about the awarding of partial scholarships.

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