Extracurricular Activities

CMAC stands for Chiang Mai Athletic Conference and is the International Schools’ sports league of Chiang Mai, currently consisting of seven international schools and one Thai school with an international branch. CDSC is a permanent member of the Chiang Mai Athletic Conference; sports are highly valued at CDSC. Each member school has an athletic director acting as its representative in the Management Committee of CMAC. Throughout the school year, the committee organizes numerous events, giving students the opportunity to participate in both team and individual sporting competitions.

Thereby, our students have many opportunities to use their skills acquired during physical education or in the afternoon workshops and to get to know students from other international schools. They learn to develop team spirit and experience competitive situations. Such exposure can help the students to develop a mature understanding of both internal and external rewards. Although we are—regarding the number of students—the smallest of the CMAC schools, we are able to achieve good to very good results on a regular basis: on one hand because of the motivation of our outstanding CDSC Lions and their coaches, on the other hand because of the support given by the entire school community. Each CMAC competition is a great sporting event that unites us as a school community.

We offer reliable afternoon care until 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday, for all students. After the lunch break, there is homework tutoring, followed by supervised free time, including games, sporting activities, reading in the library or other small projects. These activities are mostly arranged and supervised by our volunteers. Teachers are available any time during the activity programs to assist in solving problems or answering questions.

Each weekday, our students can choose from several workshops. Workshops are scheduled from 3:30 pm to 5 pm. Information on all workshops and the registration form is published in the first two weeks of each half-year term and can be found at the information board in our school hall. The costs of attendance to the workshops is 1,000 THB per workshop per term.

The library stocks approximately 6,000 resource materials, including:

  • Children and youth books and entertaining fiction for adults
  • Nonfiction
  • Theology/Christian books
  • DVDs
  • German magazines

The students at CDSC make use of the library in various ways. Students begin learning to utilize the library and its resources in kindergarten. The library is also a popular place to spend free periods, as well as some time after school. Anyone interested can register and take advantage of this service. The loan period for materials is 25 days and an email reminder is provided four days in advance of the item’s due date.

CDSC offers remedial teaching in addition to regular classes. This can be useful in case of difficulties at school.

Depending on needs, the remedial lessons usually take place once or twice a week. The lessons are usually one-to-one, in order to optimally support the students according to their needs. The remedial lessons are held by a trained remedial teacher.

In terms of content, specific school problems can be dealt with through remedial teaching. This is done, for example, by teaching strategy. In addition, remedial teaching also attempts to reduce indirect problems at school, such as problems of concentration or perception.

From the 2020/21 school year onwards, CDSC has several diagnostic procedures available for the first time. Thus, if necessary, it will be possible to determine exactly which difficulties the child has and to link individual support to the diagnosis.

The remedial teacher works closely with the class and subject teachers. In this way, we try to minimize the difficulties in everyday teaching and to better adapt our efforts to the needs of the children.