Committees at the CDSC

Dear parents,

Our children attend an excellent German school. We parents come from different countries and different cultures, which significantly increases the demands on the school, on us parents and above all on our children.

We parents want to give our children a good education and training. Together with the CDSC, we can reach this goal. The Parents’ Council is a great opportunity to participate in shaping the community. However, we, the parent representatives, depend on your help. Please tell us your wishes, ideas and suggestions. Write us an email (, or contact us personally in the school.

We look forward to every contact.

With kind regards,

Tim Armstrong and Ralph-Peter Nowak

Dear students, dear teachers and dear parents,

the Student Council (SV) is the primary instrument for the students to promote their interests at CDSC. This year, Natasha and Jannick, as the student representative team, are responsible for ensuring that every student can express his or her suggestions and ideas and that all wishes are heard and discussed. We will help organize events and plan the SV meetings that take place every two weeks. We will make sure that existing activities are continued, but also that new projects are introduced. Some goals for this year are: Introducing “Fancy Dress Days”, improving E-Learning, better school equipment and much more. We are bold that together we will achieve a lot this year!

We are always eager to receive your creative ideas and suggestions, so feel free to talk to us personally or to contact us through our school emails: or

Your Student Representative Team,

Natasha and Jannick

Education Quality Management at CDSC

All German schools abroad in the German Schools Abroad International Network are obligated to provide the highest standards of instruction and school quality. Across the globe, the ZfA (Central Agency for German Schools Abroad) supports German schools abroad in their efforts to fulfill this obligation. The ZfA systematically helps schools implement their goals for improvement as defined by their quality management plans.

The subsidizing federal and state-level agencies in the Federal Republic of Germany codified internationally recognized quality standards in November of 2006 (updated in 2019) in their publication, “Quality Standards of the Federal Republic of Germany and its States for German Schools Abroad.”

Additionally, schools are supported by facilitators. Within their respective regions, facilitators advise, aid and accompany schools throughout this process. They also track schools’ progress.

Steering Committee at CDSC

The steering committee is a body that aims to consult, coordinate, inform and cultivate ideas for all things related to school development.
The committee focuses primarily on instruction and lesson-plan development.

Members of the Steering Committee in the 2021/22 School Year

The composition of the steering committee should reflect that of the school community. Members of the DSA steering committee are:

  • Elke Kraus – education quality management (PQM) coordinator – head of the steering committee
  • Markus Brandtner (principal)
  • David Nescholta (school board representative)
  • Florian Gerth (secondary school I/II teacher)
  • Julia Baumgartner (elementary school)
  • Mirke Waldbüßer (inclusion)
  • Christian Mihatsch (parent)
  • Paul Reichmuth (parent)
  • Gerhard Peter (parent)
  • Oliver Gabriel (parent)
  • Torsten Niemeier (parent)
  • Ralph-Peter Nowak (parent)
  • Korben Unland (grade 11 student)
  • Marlene Winkelmann (grade 12 student)
  • Jannick Schubert (grade 12 student)

Tasks of the steering committee:

  • Draft school development goals
  • Steer and coordinate school development processes
  • Organize and implement cyclical evaluations
    (self-evaluation, evaluation of others, inspection): conduct a satisfaction survey
  • Prepare for the next Federal-State-Inspection (“Bund-Länder-Inspektion”, BLI 3.0)
  • Formulate work assignments for project groups (together with school management); advise and supervise groups on project management (e.g., setting goals, time frames, etc.)
  • Ensure the flow of information between all those involved in school development (school management, regular information for teacher and staff conferences, work groups, external counselors, etc.)

Our school development goals by BLI 3.0:

  • Foster the German language and establish/ implement a language education concept (DaF/DaZ/DFU)
  • Individualize learning: establish/ implement a concept for internal differentiation, support for the intellectually gifted, digitalization
  • Nurture democracy and strengthen student personality (i.e., class council, mediation)
  • Develop a vision and revise the school’s mission statement