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CDSC Forest – Trees for the Future

We started this project at our 25th anniversary at the beginning of the school year 19/20, together with our local partner Chiang Mai University (Forest Restoration Research Unit) and the Watershed Management Unit Chiang Mai. In the spirit of sustainability, this project should not only be a short entertaining activity but constantly grow and prosper. Little by little, we want to develop into a climate-neutral school. By planting trees in the CDSC Forest each year, we aim to offset our CO2 emissions. By involving the students in the project, we want to educate them to be responsible for our environment.

Project Introduction

Project Partners

Chiang Mai University’s Forest Restoration Research Unit

Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Watershed Management Division

Our CDSC Tree Nursery

Project Reports from FORRU

2019-2022 Forest Restoration for Carbon Offset for CDSC – Ban Meh Meh (Click here for the full report)

In general, the results from these plots are very good. Both survival and growth rates exceeded values typical of other plots monitored by FORRU in the same area. Across whole plot, RCD averaged 13.13 mm (Appendix II) increasing by about 180.31%/year (predicting an increase in average RCD to an average of about 36-37 mm by end rainy season Y2), implying that the trees will have almost tripled in size by end Y2.

2020-2023 Forest Restoration for Carbon Offset for CDSC – Ban Meh Meh Extension (Click here for the full report)

The recommended “excellent” species to restore bamboo-deciduous forest to this site are: X. xylocarpa, P. emblica, E. bengalensis, T. nudiflora, B. variegata, A. microsperma and M. toosendan. Also acceptable are T. bellirica, D. cultrata, E. fruticosa, P serratum, F. capillipes, C arborea, A lakoocha and S. rarak. The exceptionally high survival and growth rates recorded on this site may be attributable to residual soil fertility from agricultural use of the site.

2021-2024 Forest Restoration for Carbon Offset – Mon Cham (Click here for the full report)

Overall survival was estimated to be about 94%, which is considered “excellent” survival. This was almost the same rate as recorded in the adjacent plot (96%), planted by Rajapruek Institute Foundation (RIF). All species maintained 70% survival or higher and 7 maintained 100% survival which is considered an excellent result.

Fundraising Events

Donation Run organized by the school community (click here to read the article about the event)

Plant sale organised by the grade 5 students and parents’ council

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