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Admission Enquiries

Thank you very much for your interest in our school. We are happy to support you in finding out if CDSC is the right choice for your child. Therefore we would like to offer you a comprehensive interview with a member of the executive committee and a tour of our school grounds. Before arranging for an in-person meeting, we kindly ask you to fill in the following questionnaire. Please click on the corresponding link below. Thank you.

Enquiry for... Age Grades Terms of Admission
Nursery from 1  

Generally, girls and boys are enrolled

  • who have sufficient German language skills available
  • who exhibit appropriate social skills.
Kindergarten from 3  

Primary School

from 6


Generally, girls and boys are enrolled

  • who have adequate German language skills available to successfully interact in classes
  • who possess a German transfer certificate to the grade level and degree program they wish to attend (except for school enrollment)
  • who exhibit appropriate social behavior and work habits
  • whose previous school records give evidence of the completion of a succession of subjects that provide a connection to the expected level of enrollment.
In grade levels relevant to the degree programs offered, generally an admission is possible only by approval of the office of the conference of education ministers in Berlin.

Secondary School

German Summer School
(German Intensive)



At the discretion of the CDSC, girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 12 years who do not have sufficient German language skills available can be enrolled after their successful participation in the program “German Summer School” if they

  • have a high capacity of learning efficiency and motivation
  • have a sufficient previous knowledge in the subjects English and maths as well as the other subjects that are to be studied at CDSC
  • have appropriate social skills and work habits
  • have at least one parent who speaks English well enough to communicate with the school management and administration staff
  • take part in the additional “German as a Foreign Language” or “German as a Second Language” classes (liable to pay costs) to the extent that such instruction is provided by the CDSC
  • can achieve a language level that enables them to interact successfully in all regular lessons within one year.
Contact Admission Enquiries


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