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The library has a stock of approximately 6000 resource materials, including:

  • Children and youth books and entertaining fiction for adults
  • Nonfiction
  • Theology/christian books
  • DVDs
  • German magazines

The students of the CDSC make use of the library in various ways. Students begin learning to utilize the library and its resources in Kindergarten. The library is also a popular place to spend free periods, as well as some time after school. Anyone interested can register and take advantage of this service. The loan period for materials is 25 days and an email reminder is provided four days in advance of the item’s due date.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

Time Timetable
09.25 - 09.45 am                        First long break
11.20 - 11.30 am Second long break
01.10 - 03.30 pm 7. - 9. lesson

Occasional short-term closures due to staffing shortages are possible.


School life Library


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