From Monday, November 28, 2022, until Friday, the CDSC had its “Mottowoche” in which the students as well as the teachers dressed up according to different themes for a week.

The “Mottowoche” was organized by a committee of students with the help of the student council. Each class had to take one class picture per day, and there was a competition for those with the best costumes.

On Monday the theme was childhood heroes, and on Tuesday each class chose a theme they would dress up in as a class, for example, the 5th grade had the theme “gender-bend” where the students dressed up as the opposite gender. Another example would be the teachers. Their theme was a jungle, where most teachers simply pinned a few leaves to their clothes or had vines braided into their hair. On Wednesday the theme was a hippie. Due to the Christmas market, the theme was Christmas/Winter on Thursday. Most people chose to dress up in a Christmasy way since it would be more comfortable and convenient than winter clothes in Thailand. For the last day, the theme was overdressed, though it was slightly impractical since most classes had to help clean up and carry tables back to their respective classrooms on the day after the Christmas market, which was quite difficult in fancy clothes especially when you don’t want to damage your clothes or get them dirty.

The committee picked a winning class for each day and gave out a prize to the following Andacht. The winning classes for each theme were: Childhood heroes – Class 8, Freestyle – Class 12 with Gender twist, Hippie – Class 9, Winter – Class 4 and Overdressed – Class 11. They picked Mr. Hester for the title of the best-dressed teacher and he was given a prize as well. All in all the Mottowoche was a success, and every participant seemed to have had a good time.