The “CDSC Forest Project” started as planned at the beginning of this school year. The planning and preparation for the planting of approximately ½ hectares of forest in June 2020 is progressing. The aim of this project is not only to contribute to climate protection and to increase the forest stock in Thailand. The students of the CDSC should also learn a responsible handling of nature and environment by the project above all.

Class trips to the Forest Restoration Research Unit at Chiang Mai University
As part of the annual class trips in October, all students of classes 1 – 12 visited the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU) on the Doi Suthep this year. There the students of the CDSC could learn how reforestation of fallow land can take place. In the FORRU tree nursery, the students could see how the process from planting the seeds to transplanting the small tree seedlings in the forest takes place. Another important part of FORRU’s visit to the Doi Suthep was the collection of tree seeds that the students took with them to the CDSC. Because the CDSC forest, which we want to plant in June 2020, is supposed to consist of small trees which we ourselves have sown in the CDSC’s own tree nursery.

Opening of the CDSC tree nursery
On Thursday, 17 October 2019, a small tree nursery was finally opened on the CDSC school ground. Now the tree seeds from the class trip could be sown. Under the guidance of FORRU staff, our students prepared the plant soil and the tree seeds. They were then able to plant the seeds in trays prepared for this purpose. In the coming weeks, the students will breed the seedlings together with the teachers of the CDSC and observe how the different tree species develop. It now remains 8 months until the seedlings will be transferred to the CDSC forest in June 2020. We are looking forward to following this exciting process in the coming weeks!