We proudly present our graduates of this year’s high school graduating class:

Tiwat (Art) Footrakul, Jonathan Kohler, Seth Kramlich, Eyllissa Kreutzfeldt, Geonwoo (Jack) Lee, Josia Nescholta, Akin Rosenkranz, Pascal und Vanessa Stauss, David Stüber, Patrick Villiet und Tobias Vogel

Remember: wherever your heart is, you will find your treasure.

(Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist)

With these warm and inspiring words from the school’s principal Markus Brandtner, this year’s graduates were released on their “search for their treasure”.

After a turbulent school year with regard to the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic and the final ups and downs as to whether the graduation ceremony could take place or not, everyone was both overjoyed and grateful to be able to meet after all last Friday (11.06.2021), in the festive premises of the Shangri-La Hotel for the ceremonial presentation of certificates. We are also grateful for the greetings of the District Chief of Saraphi, the Deputy Mayor of the sub-district Tha Wang Tan, our Chairman of the Board, David Nescholta, and the class teacher of Class 12, Elke Kraus. After the presentation of certificates, concluding the quintet of speeches, the graduating seniors, Akin Rosenkranz and David Stüber, addressed their charmingly witty and thankful words to the school community and parents.

We wish the graduates and their families all the best, much joy and success on their paths, and we very much look forward to seeing them again!


David Hester
Secondary School II Coordinator