Since last Monday, 20 April, we have now switched to e-learning: our students receive assignments which they work on at home according to the weekly plans. In addition, a “conference plan” has been created, which enables teachers to keep in “direct” contact with the students via video conference.

This is a new and challenging experience for all of us, especially for younger children, who are naturally less familiar with the use of digital media. Especially for our “very little ones” in kindergarten and nursery, the digital world offers no real substitute for closeness, playing with friends, etc., yet they take part in the activities offered by the teachers with great joy and commitment.

After the first week, we can say that it has started quite well overall. We as a school try to solve problems that arise through e-learning as quickly as possible. This new form of education will certainly continue for a while, but we hope that the crisis will end soon so that we can meet our friends and teachers at the school again.

Our library and school shop are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to noon so that students can borrow books and films and pick up prepared material from their teachers. Visitors must wear a mask all the time on the school premises and body temperature will be checked at the gate. If you have any symptoms, please do NOT come to school and stay at home.