“Everything that we can do and dream, we can begin.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

As you embark on new journeys, we proudly congratulate this year’s graduates:

Samuel Schumacher (9th grade), Nathan Kadian, Deborah Oberg, Eunvin (Emma) Yang (all 10th grade), and Iphigenie Brandtner, Ian Janzen, Dylan Johner, Si-Yeon (Sally) Kim, Jiatong (Jane) Li, Andreas Schurter (all 12th grade). 

On Saturday, May 25, 2024, the graduates received their well-deserved applause for their achievements in the magnificent ballroom of the Mariott Hotel. There was laughter, celebration, and tears. A journey full of efforts and struggles, both on the part of the teachers and the students, reached its honorable peak when the fruits of our efforts and growth, in the form of graduation certificates, were handed over to us by the German Ambassador Dr. Reichel, the KMK representative Claudia Häberlein, the principal Markus Brandtner, and the board chairman David Nescholta.

Congratulations to everyone for making it! The tricky exams, the sometimes boring homework, the challenging presentations, and all the obstacles we had to overcome. The path we have taken has led us to something new, to a new stage of life with countless crossroads and seemingly endless possibilities. Through the loving care and strict teachings of our parents, guardians, and teachers, we are now ready to spread our wings, explore the world, unfold our youth, raise our voices, and put our acquired knowledge into practice.

We live in a world of unrest, where many conflicts still persist or even escalate. It is undeniable that our world, despite the outstanding achievements of previous generations, can still be improved. Our graduation marks not only the end of a chapter but also the beginning of a new phase of life, where we assume not only freedom but also responsibility, regardless of whether we hold an Abitur, Realschulabschluss, or Hauptschulabschluss in our hands. Each of us carries a burning light within that cannot be extinguished by storm and wind, spreading love into the world.

“And a magic dwells in each beginning, Protecting us and helping us to live.” (Hermann Hesse „Stufen“)

This special day should remain a fond memory for everyone, as it represents an important milestone in our lives and, with the closing of one chapter, simultaneously opens a new one. Now countless opportunities and different paths lie ahead, and it is time to say goodbye to each other. In this spirit, I wish all graduates and departing staff members a good start in the next phase of their lives, and those who remain a blessed and successful time at our beautiful school here in Chiang Mai.

Jiatong (Jane) Li