The CDSC Media Team, aka Paparazzi, had their annual photo exhibition from 26 May until 4 June 2023 at The Goodcery. This year’s theme was “Man vs Nature” and we, the Media Team, put a lot of effort into the pictures. Thanks to our mentor Calvin’s help, we could manage to put up 25 pictures for the exhibition. During the preparation, each member brought up their ideas and plans for their photos and took a lot of pictures. Then, we went through the individual photos and could come up with the best 25 pictures that are related to the theme.

On the opening day, our principal Mr. Brandtner welcomed everyone at the venue and our chief editor Leo explained how we chose the theme and how we prepared the exhibition for the audience. After listening to 3 beautiful songs by Naemi and Vanessa, each member could present their photos to the visitors. Many of the visitors said that it was very interesting to hear the photographer’s idea behind the scene and how and where they took the pictures.

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening ceremony. Special thanks to the school leadership team, especially to Mr. Brandtner for their support to the Media Team.

Hayeon and Lisa (Grade 8)