The biggest chess tournament in the history of the CDSC becomes a huge success – Our Lions of the CDSC take the overall victory

Not only did our Lions take the overall victory at this year’s CMAC Chess Tournament at CDSC, they also successfully took the podiums in the U11, U15 and U20 age groups. 106 students from 7 CMAC schools competed in the U11, U15 and U20 age groups.

A remarkable performance was made by Jeremias of the 7th grade, who achieved 1st place in his age group U15 as well as winning the title of Overall Champ. No less remarkable was the 1st place of Dominik as well as the 2nd place for David in the age group U20. And also in the youngest age group U11 a medal was won. The 3rd place in the age group U11 went to Kornelius from class 4.