On Friday, February 9th, some of our parents organized a wonderful Chinese New Year event at our school.

Near the school’s volleyball field, Chinese-themed decorations were hung and created a nice setting for the whole Chinese New Year celebration.

Starting at lunch a lot was offered for our students, their parents, and interested staff, who stopped by in high numbers to eat and learn about the Chinese culture. Offerings ranged from learning how to draw traditional Chinese ink wash paintings, and Chinese FU characters (Happiness Blessing), to making your own culinary Chinese delicacies, such as dumplings, wonton, and hand-made noodles.

There was something for everyone and the event was a great success.

We would like to thank our parents Frances and Andy, Chen Li, Alan W., Cathy, Wanqi, Alan C., and Wei for the planning and great execution and for making this day so special.