After 2 years of involuntary break, it was finally time again on Wednesday, December 16, 2022. The sporting highlight of the year was upon our school community. The sporting highlight that we have all eagerly awaited for a long time – the Nicholas Donation Run!

Excited and highly motivated, over 250 runners of all ages from our school gathered early in the morning on the soccer field, where they first warmed up to the animating rave music in jump style. Afterwards, everyone went to their starting position and waited eagerly for the start. At 8:40 a.m. it was finally time, “3…2…1…Go! Our youngest, the kindergarten children, opened the fundraising run and were the first to set off on the track. One after the other, the classes, teachers and parents started. The timer started and it was time to run, jog, walk, and endure for 60 minutes!

Every lap counted! Because all participants had sought sponsors in advance, who support the CDSC forest project with a small amount of donation for each lap run. Over 50 spectators had gathered along the course to loudly cheer on our runners lap after lap. It was a tireless battle against time, which cost everyone a lot of sweat drops. But it was so worth it. After the time had expired, our runners had completed a total of 4,000 laps and thus 1.435 km. What a crowning end of the year!

We would like to thank all the runners, parents, active helpers and sponsors, without whom this great event could not have taken place. Special thanks to generous event sponsors – Decathlon Chiang Mai, Progression Vertical, Nic’s Restaurant and Playground, We Learn Thai Chiang Mai, Petch Lanna Muay Thai School and Elephant Poopoo Paper Park, who provided vouchers for class and group winners.

Raised funding from the donation run will go toward the CDSC Forest project and will be used to plant more trees and expand the school’s own forest. The CDSC Forest project was established to celebrate the school’s 25th anniversary in 2019. The goal of the project is to offset the CO2 emission of our school by planting trees and thus become a CO2-neutral school in the near future. Since the beginning of the project, we have already planted over 2,000 trees.

Jayne Zönnchen