Last Friday this year’s Christmas concert was held at the church on the McKean grounds. Under the lead direction of music teacher Mrs. Fiseni, the evening started with a musical introduction by Mr. Winterhalder, who performed “Es ist ein Ross entsprungen” with his trumpet. Guests were greeted by Mrs. Fiseni and the wafting aroma of delicious grilled sausages from the tenth grade, who took care of the physical well-being of the guests next door and were to make their “appearance” later.

The evening continued with a baroque dance by the eleventh grade, dressed entirely in black and extremely graceful. The many practices, among other things in the assembly hall with Mrs. Broneske, paid off visibly.

Whoopi Goldberg would certainly have been proud of the next contribution. Class 7 sang “Oh Happy Day” and encouraged the audience to clap along. The microphone was passed around the class so that several students could present their voices.

The tension increased and now, in a way, the highlight of the evening followed: the mini-musical. With much effort and attention to detail, the students presented the Christmas story. A fabulous set of props was created especially for this piece, ranging from sparkling crowns to an oversized star that magically cast its shadow on the curtain. Even a magnificent gold-colored throne was carpentered especially for this evening by Mr. Päs, the CDSC’s handicraft teacher. Also worth mentioning was the musical accompaniment by the eleventh and twelfth grade students, who provided excellent background music with guitar, violin and piano. There were enthusiastic faces and the applause for this mini-musical was correspondingly loud.

The third and ninth graders provided the crowning finale. They sang well-known Christmas songs such as “O du Fröhliche” or “Silent Night” and thus created a perfect mood for the coming Christmas.

The church then emptied very quickly and the line at the sausage stand got longer and longer so that the tenth graders had to really work.

Many thanks to all involved, especially to the organizer Mrs. Fiseni, for this very successful Christmas concert. Many thanks also to Mrs. Baumgartner for the exhibited artwork of the students in the entrance area of the church.

Patrick Kim-Türk