35 Top 3 finishes, including 6 gold medals, 17 silver medals and 12 bronze medals and CDSC ranked 3rd overall. Our 31 Lions put on an excellent showing at the first CMAC Junior Track and Field competition after a three-year hiatus at Prem Tinsulanonda International School.

Our children successfully competed in the 60m, 80m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, long jump, high jump, shot put and discus throw. Following are the top 3 placements:


Placements U8

  • Paul: high jump (gold), 200m (silver), relay (silver)
  • Carys: 60m (silver), high jump (silver), relay (silver)
  • Lena: long jump (silver), relay (silver)
  • Varianda: relay (silver), 400m (bronze)
  • Gabriele: Relay (silver)
  • Ayden: long jump (bronze), relay (bronze)
  • Aodhan: long jump (bronze), relay (bronze)
  • James: relay (bronze)


Overall winner of the age group U8

  • Paul (silver)



Placements U10

  • Yani: 80m (gold), relay (silver), 800m (bronze)
  • Jean-Luc: high jump (gold), relay (silver)
  • Niklas: long jump (gold)
  • Oskar: high jump (silver), relay (silver), long jump (bronze)
  • Mila: high jump (silver), 800m (bronze)
  • Kornelius: relay (silver), high jump (bronze)
  • Shengming: 80m (silver)
  • Yi Nok: 200m (bronze), 400m (bronze)
  • Emma: shot put (bronze)


Overall winner of the age group U10

  • Mila (silver)
  • Yani (silver)


Placements U12

  • Similan: long jump (gold), 100m (silver), relay (bronze)
  • Nino: high jump (gold), relay (silver)
  • Benjamin: shot put (silver), discus throw (silver), relay (silver)
  • Yanis: 100m (silver), relay (silver)
  • Noah: high jump (silver), relay (silver)
  • Emma: high jump (silver), relay (bronze)
  • Maik: discus throw (bronze)
  • Mimi: relay (bronze)
  • Martine: relay (bronze)


Overall winner of the age group U12

  • Similan (Bronze)
  • Benjamin (bronze)