This year’s school start of the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC) will be remembered for a long time, because many things were so completely different!

After almost five months of school closure, attendance classes and kindergarten operation should finally be possible again. There was a lot to talk about after the long period of limited contacts.

To ensure that the distance regulations could be observed, the opening ceremony took place in the sports hall. In addition, other measures such as temperature measurements and the general obligation to wear masks were unusual.

Not only the direct school community of the CDSC followed this special school opening with great interest – the Auslandsjournal of the ZDF was also very interested in the school opening worldwide and broadcast an article on this subject on August 26, in which among other things the CDSC was able to show how the school opening can succeed during the Corona Pandemic. David Stüber, a twelfth grade student, showed in self-made film sequences how “the new normal” is successfully implemented at the CDSC. (

Due to the strict entry restrictions in Thailand, not all staff, students and our annual volunteers could be on site yet. Nevertheless, we already had the pleasure to welcome a new Thai teacher and two interns, as well as our first-graders and 6 successful graduates of the German Preparation Course (GPC), who will be attending our 5th grade from now on.