Frau Kramlich and Khru Nuk have been teaching an innovative Thai-English project this year where they are teaching 2 foreign languages at the same time. Students are learning vocabulary words in both languages which are based on common themes–Family, Food, Colors, etc. Martin Schuhmacher has been very helpful in developing some of the linguistic and phonetic tools necessary for this program.

Some of the theory for this approach comes a chapter Mrs. Kramlich wrote for a book Transformative Language Learning and Teaching. This book has won 2 awards since it was published in 2021 by Cambridge University Press.

Khru Nuk enjoyed attending the sessions as she gained valuable information for her MA Thesis she is writing on the experience of teachers at international schools.

On January 26, 2024, Mrs. Kramlich and Khru Nuk presented their project at the 43rd Thailand TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) International Conference. It was well received and one of the presenters was excited to learning of the mistake-friendly approach that is supported in class. Mrs. Kramlich and Khru Nuk are grateful to CDSC for allowing them this opportunity.