On Thursday, 13 August 2020, the CDSC started the new school year with a colourful school service. This year, however, many things were different than in previous years.

Almost tangible was the great anticipation and the excitement about the fact that after almost five months of school closure face-to-face teaching should finally be possible again, as well as kindergarten and nursery programmes. There was a lot of chatting after the long period of limited contacts.

Obviously, the ceremony did not take place in the assembly hall as usual but in the sports hall due to the increased space requirements caused by corona regulations. Furthermore, measures such as temperature measurement, compulsory masks and the increased distances between the chairs were remarkable.
It was also somewhat unusual to welcome only one new teacher and two volunteers this school year. All other new employees are currently still waiting for their entry permits, as are some students and our other volunteers.

Our new Thai teacher Khru Natcha and our volunteers in nursery and kindergarten, Mrs. Manielat Lachmann and Noemi Eschweiler


Despite all this, it was of course a particularly big day for the 13 new first-graders, eleven of whom were able to attend the celebration together with their parents. They waited patiently with their school bags in the front rows until they were asked to come on stage by the head of elementary school Mr. Tetzel.

Mr. André Godomski also welcomed our new GPC students who successfully passed their language exams to enter grade 5.

After the celebration, the pupils and their class teachers gathered in the classrooms for a first introductory lesson. Afterwards the canteen was open for everyone for the first time with our new caterer and so the first school day found an early ending at noon.