“Jerusalema” – a South African song – and a related dance – unites the whole world and gave us an incredible feeling of joy and solidarity at the CDSC!

The song is sung in Zulu (an African language) and asks God for protection and guidance. The lively rhythm goes straight to the legs – positive thoughts and feelings let difficult situations, which were caused by the Corona Pandemic, fade into the background for a moment.

Despite all the restrictions and distance regulations in the current global situation, people all over the world show that they are surviving this difficult time together and that they belong together by dancing and having fun with each other.

For a whole week, the song became an integral part of our everyday school life. Again and again, the melody resounded over the school grounds and little by little all children and teenagers, from kindergarten to senior high school, the teaching and administrative staff, the volunteers, the cleaning staff and janitors, but also many parents learned the step sequence and moved exuberantly to the African sounds.

Especially the new teachers, volunteers and guest students, felt particularly welcome and integrated very easily in the common dance.

Our thanks go to the German International School in Johannesburg, for encouraging us to take part in this dance challenge and thus providing us with wonderful moments of togetherness.