Together with his helper he had made the long journey to us in Thailand and arrived at the CDSC just in time for St. Nicholas Day.

He had breakfast with the kindergarten children in the rainbow group and read a book with the children in the grasshopper, frog and butterfly groups.

He also stopped by our two Flex classes and made the children’s eyes light up. The children were even allowed to touch his coat and were amazed at how thick, heavy and, above all, warm it was. “Santa must really be sweating under there.” said one of the children from Flex A.

And of course Santa didn’t come to the CDSC with an empty sack, he had a little surprise for every child.

But it wasn’t just the children who were visited, our administrative staff also received a little something from Santa Claus and so it wasn’t just the little ones who had happy faces yesterday, the grown-ups were beaming too.

Thank you very much for your visit St. Nicholas and see you again next year.