It was a day like any other when the day of CMMUN (Chiang Mai Model United Nations) arrived. Model United Nations (MUN), by the way, is a simulation activity that replicates the workings of the United Nations, allowing participants to take on the roles of diplomats representing different countries. 

In the early morning of November 10th, accompanied by Mrs. Jaskolski and Mr. Hester, twelve students of the CDSC, namely Jane, Sally, Elina, Tobias, Thomas, Calvin, Justin, Sarah, Euphemia, Square, Chloe, and Naomi left for the Mercure Hotel, where the conference was held. The trip to the hotel took about an hour due to heavy traffic. Our group put their luggage in a designated storage room and made their way to their respective conference rooms.

After the main introduction the conferences in the three conference rooms started. It had three conference rooms due to the fact that there were so many delegates from countries that there were in total two general assemblies and one historical committee. A general assembly was made up of three committees, with one committee having approximately 20 to 40 delegates. 

Having presented their resolutions, the delegates from other countries had to vote for them to have them passed or not passed. Once one had passed it would go to the general assembly, going through another voting procedure. If you are interested in getting to know more about the process and CMMUN in general, do not hesitate to address one of us.

Although having had several breaks in between the sessions we all were a bit tired and exhausted at the end of the first day. So after we had joined a bonding activity hosted by the CMMUN staff members which we thought would be fun to join, we all left for our respective hotel rooms. Refreshed, some returned to writing or preparing our speeches for the following day, as there were still many resolution aspects to discuss and amend.

At the end of the second, much to our surprise and delight, we even received some awards: Elina (best speech within her committee), Thomas, Calvin, Tobias and Justin (best new delegates).

Going home from CMMUN, we all were exhausted, relieved, but also proud of what we all had achieved, reminiscing about the experiences made, thinking about how much fun we all had, and maybe also looking forward to a new CMMUN challenge next year.


JK (class 11)