On April 29th 2023, we held our annual CDSC Lions Kick 2023. After CDSC’s successful tournament participation in the Thai.Ger Football Tournament in January 2023, we contested our own friendly tournament. For our match, the youth and teacher teams from RIS Swiss Section traveled from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. As with our visit to Bangkok, the students were accommodated with host families. This year’s tournament consisted of many teams with different age groups. We had talented students competing, many of whom were in the U12 and U14 age groups. However, one of the highlights of the tournament was the Old Lions against the Perfect Boyz. In addition to our school and the RIS Swiss Section, teams from Chiang Mai, such as the Rising Stars and Niceplace Football Academy, also competed. The tournament started early in the morning sun, where the first players had already warmed up, changed clothes and got ready. One of the first games was that of the Old Lions against the Perfect Boyz. Many of our teachers and volunteers were mentally and physically active and tried their best against the opponents. Parallel to the Old Lions, our CDSC U14 played against the RIS Swiss Section. Our U14 was unstoppable, however the weather started to make itself felt. The temperatures rose to a tiring 40 degrees already in the morning. By lunchtime, the sun was shining down on the necks of our players with smiling faces, causing many substitutions for all teams. The U8 teams started their tournament in the midday sun and really gave it their all. After many games between the schools or teams, our tournament ended with a lot of fun and sweat. After this tournament, the RIS Swiss Section kids went with the host families and CDSC students to the Grand Canyon water park for a well-deserved cool down. We all extend our heartfelt thanks to the faculty, organizers, donors, helpers, and referees for a successful CDSC Lions Kick 2023, especially to the main organizer Mr. Patrick Kim-Türk! We look forward to a repeat performance!

Dylan Johner (Gr. 11)