This year’s CDSC Advent Bazaar took place on November 30, 2023. Preparations for the evening began in the early afternoon, the stands were set up diligently, balloons were fixed as decorations and final preparations were made.

There were numerous types of stands. On the one hand, the individual classes sold homemade food or (handmade) items such as Christmas cards, jewelry or toys. On the other hand, there were also many parents who had stands selling delicious food or all kinds of other things. The food was not only Christmas-themed, but also very international. From Korean to American to Pakistani, there was a very large selection of food and something for everyone. There was also candy floss, hot chocolate and cookies for the young and old. Dancing and music performances rounded off the bazaar.

As the evening progressed, more and more people came to visit. Not only friends and relatives, but also, we were very pleased to see, people from other schools. The variety was simply impressive and the atmosphere magical. And this year, the weather played along too, so that we were able to enjoy the romantic glow of the lights until nightfall.

As in previous years, the CDSC Advent bazaar was beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. For anyone who wants to have a Christmas feeling in our tropical country, our annual Advent Bazaar is highly recommended. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and keep a piece of Germany/Europe in your heart. We are already looking forward to the Advent Bazaar 2024!

We would like to thank all the teachers, guests, parents, stall holders and everyone who organized the day.

A special thanks goes to our incredible CDSC staff team who made such a great event possible. ขอบคุณที่สนับสนุน

We wish everyone a relaxed and happy Christmas season!

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