On Friday, November 3rd, a dedicated group of two teachers, three volunteers and ten students set off early in the morning from Chiang Mai airport on their way to Bangkok. Despite the early hour, everyone was beaming with motivation. After a pleasant flight, we were warmly welcomed by a teacher from the RIS Swiss Section in Bangkok and shown to the school. An eventful day began, enriched not only by the trip but also by the hospitality of our partners.

The students experienced an exciting day by sitting in on the remaining lessons of their host students. The fun continued as they spent the rest of the day together. The next morning, the Thai.Ger tournament began with a warm welcome that made up for the early morning hour. Although our student team faced the tournament favorites, the school’s own soccer academy team, and lost the match by a wide margin, this did not dampen their spirits. The following games were more evenly matched and after a hard-fought tournament, our U14 team secured an impressive fourth place.

The teachers also formed a team and took part in the Ü35 tournament, where they, like the students, also had fun and finished in a solid sixth place. The weekend in Bangkok was an all-round successful adventure. In addition to playing soccer, we enjoyed making new contacts.

Lene Goede