Love life and the future embraces you. 

(Karl-Heinz Karius) 


As they set out on new journeys, we proudly congratulate our students from this year’s graduating classes:

Natascha Früh (cl. 9) sowie Nadja Brämer, Maximilian Brandtner, Evangelina Chitov, Natalia Chitov, Bennet Clausenius, Thepchoo Mihatsch, Korben Unland, Tobias Venzky-Stalling, Yana Vogel (all cl. 12) 

The encounter with penguins can teach us two things. First, how quickly I often judge and how I can be completely wrong. And second, how important the environment is in determining whether what you’re good at actually comes to fruition.

(Markus Brandtner)

Congratulations, you proud souls, you ten from the CDSC family! Last Saturday, June 3, 2023, the rain of success poured down upon the magnificent hall of Hotel Le Meridien as we witnessed your graduation ceremony with shining eyes and proud hearts. A journey filled with challenges, sacrifice, and growth reached its worthy climax as the significant steps on your educational path were officially recognized.

Like delicate flower buds slowly opening and revealing their beauty, you have evolved from the seeds of knowledge and dedication. Natascha, Nadja, Max, Evie, Natasha, Bennet, Leo, Korben, Tobi, and Yana – each of you is as unique as a color palette, illuminating the world with your vibrant shades. Your individuality has shaped the dance of success as you collectively reached out for your graduation certificates.

Like the sunrise dispelling the darkness of the night, your examinations became your strongest allies. You defeated the storm of doubt and raised the flag of knowledge on the summit of success. The reward for your efforts was bestowed upon you by the hands of Saraphi District Chief Leryot Puttichinorosakul, KMK representative Claudia Häberlein, the headmaster Markus Brandtner, and the chairman David Nescholta, representing the school board. 

This special day, which will remain unforgettable in the annals of our school, is like the flapping of an eagle’s wings carrying you into the universe of possibilities. Your graduation signifies not only the end of a chapter but also the beginning of a new adventure. The world awaits you like an open book, ready to be filled with your knowledge and passion.

Remember that the value of your education lies not only in the numbers and facts on your certificates but also in the power of your dreams, your ambition, and your insatiable thirst for knowledge. Each of you is a spark that can ignite the fire of change. Go out and let your hearts shine like stars, illuminating the sky of possibilities.

Congratulations, you wonderful CDSC Class of 2023 graduates! May you preserve your passion and pursuit of excellence in every step you take. Let your actions change the world, your words touch the heavens, and your spirit be a source of inspiration.


David Hester