The supervisors Erich, Ralf and Florian were very positively surprised by the performance of our swimmers from the CDSC at the CMAC Junior Swim Meet at NIS.
With their performance, after the first tournaments, in freestyle and breaststroke, it became clear that our Lions don’t have to hide in the pool.

Great results were achieved by Ben, Varianda, Similan, Emma, Lennis, Niklas, Yani, Henry, Andreas and Noah in the disciplines of breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.

Top 5 rankings:

  • Niklas: 2nd place (backstroke 25), 2nd place (backstroke 50), 4th place (freestyle 25), 5th place (freestyle relay 25)
  • Similan: 3rd place (butterfly 25), 4th place (freestyle 50), 5th place (freestyle 25)
  • Emma: 3rd place (backstroke 25)
  • Varianda: 4th place (freestyle 25)
  • Noah: 4th place (breaststroke 25)
  • Ben: 5th place (breaststroke 25)
  • Yani: 5th place (breaststroke 50)
  • Andreas: 5th place (freestyle relay 25)
  • Henry: 5th place (freestyle relay 25)