On September 7, all teachers, staff, interns and volunteers participated in a first aid course at the CDSC. Staff who work with children are all required to attend such a course on a regular basis. A mother from the nursery, Dr. Nampen Siriwat, kindly agreed to conduct this course for us with her colleague Dr. Jemma Leesin.

During the course, the staff learned the most important actions to take when a child is unwell or injured, both in mild and extreme cases. General procedures were explained, but also country-specific dangers were addressed. The participants were also taught resuscitation, which they were then able to try out on a manikin.

For us, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of all children. By organizing such an event on a regular basis, we hope that not only the children but also the parents can feel safe and confident.

Many thanks to Dr. Nampen Siriwat and Dr. Jemma Leesin for sharing this important knowledge with us!