On Monday, September 5, 2022, the annual election of student representatives and council teachers was held at CDSC.

Two teachers and representatives each were elected from the student body, and candidates for student representative had to be at least in the 9th grade. 

All candidates had the opportunity to introduce themselves in the devotion before the election. They also explained, among other things, what they wanted to change if they were elected. For example, Thepchoo (Leo) said he would try to bring back ice cream for sale in the school cafeteria. Ms. Willer cited that she wanted students to have someone they could talk to openly about problems. 

The procedure for the two elections differed from each other as follows: In the election of student representatives, students were allowed to vote with two votes each, whereas in the election of council teachers, students could only cast one vote each.

The anonymous and secret ballot was organised by the 12th grade and conducted in the morning alongside regular classes.

Natasha (class 12) and Leo (class 12) were elected as student representatives, the new council teachers are Mrs. Willer and Mr. Brendel.

Written by Amy (class 9) – Media Team