The Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC) offers not only an excellent German education in the north of Thailand, but also ensures with a very intimate learning atmosphere that everyone is doing well and can feel at home. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is doing well in the current COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why the CDSC wants to get involved with a fundraising campaign for those who have been hit especially hard.

In 2020, the CDSC raised over THB 170,000 in donations that were used to support the local Thai community and an orphanage. Sadly, however, the pandemic is not only affecting humans but also animals.

The CDSC’s yearbook theme is “Elephants” and that’s why CDSC wants to help an elephant sanctuary this year. After the tourists have been completely absent for more than a year, many elephants are doing very badly. Everyone knows that they need an incredible amount of food to be healthy, strong and happy. On average, an elephant needs about 10% of its body weight in food every day, and that costs about 900 THB. 

The donation window is open until the 6th of June and the raised fund from the campaign will be donated to the “Save Elephant Foundation (” to buy food for these adorable creatures. The foundation has been involved in protecting Asian elephants and saving them from exploitation and abuse since the 1990s. It now gives a home to over 4,000 animals, including over 100 elephants rescued from abusive situations such as elephant riding and the circus. As a visitor to the “Elephant Nature Park” (ENP), you can observe the elephants in their natural environment and interacting with each other. Unlike many tourist elephant parks, there is therefore a very conscious decision not to have elephant rides or elephant shows here.

Everyone who wants to support this caring project is invited to donate via the online platform Weeboon. With the food that will be bought exclusively from donations, the elephants will be able to survive this global crisis.

Check out the progress of the donation campaign on CDSC’s Facebook page. You will also see some pictures and videos of the majestic giants with their life stories.: