“Re-Together” – under this motto, the tenth edition of TEDxChiangMai* was held this year to bring people back together in the chaos-stricken times and society.

So it came to a day full of exciting speeches, thought-provoking videos, and lively conversations on November 27, 2021. There were also many interesting activities and performances – from music to magic tricks. For TEDxChiangMai, speakers were selected from Chiang Mai, from other Thai provinces, and also internationally, all of whom are highly experienced and well-known in their respective fields. Guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), speeches were given in areas such as technology, science, environment, urban development to inspire the audience to change and come up with creative ideas.

TEDxChiangMai 2021 was a “hybrid event”, i.e. participants could tune in both online and on-site at the Princess Sirindhorn Astropark, the headquarters for the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT). Spread over three floors, there were workshops, activities, and exhibits – lots to learn and experience!

Our CDSC media team had the opportunity and privilege to participate on-site at TEDxChiangMai. On the one hand, we listened to the exciting speeches, among others about the future of the internet or how the first Thai satellite was built. On the other hand, we also used the opportunity as practical training for photography and videography. We enjoyed the end of the day with live music and local food. This was also an opportunity to reflect on the lectures, impressions and experiences of the day. 

It was a very valuable experience for everyone to be part of such an event at a very impressive venue. We thank the organizers of TEDxChiangMai and are very happy to share these pictures of the event with you.

*A TEDx event is a gathering where TEDx speeches and performances are presented live both analogue and digital to a society. TEDxChiangMai was organized by a group of volunteers and is a non-profit event.