On Thursday, December 9, 2021, the CDSC Media Team officially opened its fourth photo exhibition “Mistakes” at the La Luna Gallery. The opening event was lively and the visitors enjoyed a live music performance by our school volunteers and students in the gallery’s serene garden, which was needed after such a long period of e-learning.

There are many different photos that approached the rather open-ended topic in very different ways. While some members took the approach of taking pictures of “mistakes,” others found a way to comment on issues that should be addressed nowadays more than ever. One theme that kept coming up was the long-term side effects of industrialization. Although the start of the media team training was delayed due to the pandemic, the three youngest members also managed to include their own contributions to the photo exhibition. Due to the shortened time period, the team had to work hard to complete the photo exhibition on time.

We are happy that our month-long project paid off in such a way, as a lot of planning is needed to be able to present such a result as it can be seen in the exhibition; starting with brainstorming together, planning the photos, and taking the photos ourselves.

Finally, we would like to thank the school, our media team mentor Calvin and the La Luna Gallery for making this exhibition possible in a time like this.

Leo Mihatsch
CDSC Media Team Writer