A week ago, on December 6th, the CDSC Media Team had their second photo exhibition since its foundation in 2018. Many parents, students and teachers came to the opening ceremony and supported the exhibition at the Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai in the Night Bazaar.

The preparation started at 16:00 when the members of the media team hung up their pictures and prepared the welcome drinks with the help of the Hard Rock Cafe staff. At 17:00 the official opening ceremony took place. Many familiar faces from the school were there, as well as former students and teachers from other schools. Finally the school band “Spontaneous Combustion” started to perform some songs in the cafe and cheered up the atmosphere even more. The media team members were able to present their pictures during the exhibition and also had casual conversations with teachers and students that are sometimes not possible during school time. It was very interesting to experience the different reactions and interpretations of the pictures from the guests and to see how diversely the art of photography can be understood.

Coincidentally, that day was also the 3 year anniversary of the Hard Rock Cafe, where they handed out a cake in the form of a guitar to the guests. It was a very exciting evening, but at the same time relaxing and most importantly, a successful opening ceremony.

Last but not least, the Media Team would like to thank all the guests who came to the photo exhibition and the staff of the Hard Rock Cafe who made it possible for us to have such a great opening party.