Dear colleagues,

We hope you are doing well!

As you all know, it’s CDSC’s 25th anniversary this year and we had a great ceremony in October. After the event, we started our “CDSC Forest” project and created a tree nursery on the school ground. The seeds were collected at Doi Suthep-Pui National Park and we planted them all together. The seeds germinated and they look very healthy. Most of them are now big enough so we started moving them to bigger pots this week.

In June next year, we will go to plant about 1,500 trees in Doi Pui area, which will be then called “CDSC Forest”. We want to make this forest sustainable and we want to become a CO2 neutral school. To raise fund for this project, we are organising some campaigns and fundraising events throughout the year. Please come join our campaigns and events if you are in Chiang Mai. Every small help counts! If you are far away but still want to be part of this project and support us, you can visit our online donation page here: 

We would like to send out another 2 or 3 newsletters to share the progress of CDSC Forest project with you in 2020. We hope you enjoy looking at pictures and reading stories from CDSC but if you don’t wish to receive future newsletters, please write us back with a short sentence.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2020!

Best wishes, and keep in touch,

CDSC Forest Preparation Team

Markus, Martin, Stephan, Kiki and Calvin

Collecting seeds for our CDSC Forest