Also this year, the 9th grade has again a professional internship in the context of “social studies” made. The process was positive and stimulating, a look beyond the school into the working life. Most students report valuable experiences. A small selection is attached.


I did my Internship at Expat Auto. That was a lot of fun because I learned a lot. I was also allowed to help a lot and work a lot. All in all, I had a very good insight into the world of work and was able to learn a lot of new things. I highly recommend the internship.


I did my Internship at Bluechips. Every day I did the same thing(Screwed screws in). I found this pretty boring. What I thought was interesting was getting to know a bit about the open world of work.


I did my internship at ActsCo Printing (a printing company). I had close contact with machines and learned a lot about working life in general. The staff were very nice, but not all of them knew English and some were deaf-mute, so I could hardly communicate with them. In a nutshell, the company is very recommendable, even for those who don’t speak Thai.


Overall I rate my internship at ChivaCare Medical & Physical Therapy very well because I got a better insight into the normal daily life of a physiotherapist and I was able to try out a lot or do it myself. In addition, I was able to find out which takes besides the practical application were also important. For this, I count the work with the computer. The work especially with the employees and the patients I enjoyed a lot including the exact explanations during the treatment. Therefore, I can only recommend the internship at ChivaCare.


I spent the first four days of my internship in two departments of the largest hospital in Chiang Mai, the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. I had the opportunity to visit the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. On the last day of the internship, I observed treatments in a dental clinic. Overall, the internship was very interesting and diversified. The highlight was when I had the opportunity to observe in a delivery room while a baby was being born. I learned a lot about hospital systems and health altogether, and also obtained a real insight into the field of medicine.


It was very informative and I learned a lot. It wasn’t just any Internship experience but it had a good insight into building and I learned about the Innovation.


I did my internship at the Good Kids Preschool, a Christian, bilingual kindergarten in San Pa Tong district. I found the teaching methods and activities very interesting. There were many field trips and the children were especially taught to take care of the environment. Through the internship, I learned a lot and was able to see in which areas I can improve myself.