Last Saturday, September 30, 2023, soccer enthusiasts gathered to witness an exciting football tournament. The tournament, organized by the Prem International School’s football club under the leadership of Coach Diarra, promised an afternoon of excitement and athletic excellence.

The participating teams were from Prem International School, the Rising Stars Football Academy and Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC).

Full of anticipation the CDSC team, consisting of 13 kids and 3 coaches in 2 team buses, travelled to the great Prem ports field, which was already a special experience for the CDSC Lions.

Girls and boys aged 6-9 years old participated in mixed teams. Each team brought their best skills and passion to the field and delivered exciting games.

The event was not only a great success on the field, but also provided an excellent opportunity for the parents and friends to gather around the pitch and cheer for the players.

CDSC’s football team was only defeated by the strong Rising Stars. However, it was a very intense and balanced game with many chances on both sides.

The CDSC achieved an excellent 2nd place with the following results:

CDSC : Prem I – 11:0

Prem II : CDSC – 1:2

Rising Stars : CDSC – 2:0

The joy was especially great at the award ceremony when the goalkeeper and team captain of CDSC Fußball AG, Andrew Gabriel, was presented with the magnificent trophy by the tournament organizers and all the players were presented with a gold medal. Full of pride, the trophie and medals were presented at the devotion on the upcoming Monday.

We are very proud of all the participating children of the soccer club, who showed fighting spirit but also fairness and were willing to go the extra mile for their team. Giving up was never an option.

We would especially like to thank all the parents and guardians who made the long journey to Prem International School. Without their support and help, such tournaments and events would not be possible.

We don’t give too much away when we say that there are already more games and tournaments in the planning.

Achim Oppinger / Timo August / Tony Hoyer