Literary variety at the CDSC: On Thursday, 16.02.23, the CDSC received prominent visitors. With the help of the German and Swiss embassies, the school welcomed three authors ( Margit Schreiner (Austria) with her story “Kein Platz mehr”, Meral Kureyshi (Switzerland) with the novel “Elefanten im Garten” and Franziska Gänsler from Germany (“Ewig Sommer”), who gave the classes 9 – 12 in the magically prepared library entertaining reading samples and insights into selected works of their own.

After a short introduction by the moderator of the event, principal Markus Brandtner, each author read from her own work and then answered the interested questions of the attentive students. Among other things, the focus was on the content of the novels, but also on personal aspects, such as the daily approach to the writing process or very simple questions about the individual personalities (“Would you want to be a writer again?”).

After 90 entertaining and also instructive minutes, the students thanked them with a hearty round of applause, and Principal Brandtner, for his part, thanked the writers as well as the representatives of the embassies who sponsored the reading and made it possible in the first place. This event was a very successful addition to the German lessons, when do students ever have the opportunity to get in touch with literary figures and literature in such a lively and direct way?!

Frank Goede