Many members of the CDSC’s school community who were on the school grounds last Thursday afternoon (16 February) were amazed when several taxis arrived at the CDSC with young people in a good mood and offenibly very interested in looking at the school grounds and buildings and even taking photos.

The explanation is simple: 27 students from the Department of Geography at the University of Cologne, led by Professor Frau Dr. Frauke Kraas, are currently on an excursion to Thailand as part of their studies and are exploring our beautiful country.

Since more than half of the young students are even about to finish their training as teacher trainees (Master’s degree) at the university and will therefore be teaching themselves in the not too distant future, the interest in our school and the German schools abroad was all the greater. During a tour of the school, the students listened attentively to the words of the headmaster Markus Brandtner and the chairman of the board David Nescholta, who presented our school in detail and answered numerous questions.

We would like to thank the students for their visit and hope that they will have the best possible memories of the CDSC. Many expressed themselves very positively and impressed before their departure.

And who knows if one day, after finishing their studies, some of the former students will wish to take up a teaching position at the CDSC?

But there is still a long way to go until then, so for now we wish the group a wonderful time on the excursion!

Frank Goede