“All the millions of stars, all the millions of stars …” – that’s what you’ve often heard in the elementary school over the past few weeks. But the kindergarten groups have also been busy singing along. It was rehearsal time once again for the annual St. Martin’s festival, which everyone had been looking forward to for a long time! The kindergarten and primary school children rehearsed songs and choreographies, listened to and read the story of St. Martin and made colorful lanterns.

In both kindergarten and elementary school, the children studied the legend of St. Martin, who selflessly shared his coat and helped a freezing beggar. The kindergarten children also made a great film in which they acted out the story of St. Martin. But have a look yourself: LINK. This film project was proudly presented during the devotion so that the rest of the CDSC could also take part. This reminded everyone how important it is to help each other and to be a “child of light” for others.

The fourth grade also acted out the story of St. Martin, resulting in a movie that was presented at the St. Martin’s Festival. This traditionally took place on the McKean grounds. In bright sunshine, the families met on the meadow for a picnic with lots of tasty treats. Everyone brought something to share in the spirit of St. Martin. Shortly before sunset, everyone went into the church. There, the kindergarten and primary school children presented the songs they had worked so hard to learn and delighted the audience. The fourth grade’s St. Martin’s film was also shown, which brought a smile to many faces.

After this atmospheric devotion, faces glowed with joy and all the beautiful lanterns shone just as brightly. And off they went to the lantern parade! Together, the children, moms, dads, teachers and staff strolled through the alleyways on McKean. Shining like all the millions of stars in the sky, they sang St. Martin’s songs accompanied by guitars and marveled at the lanterns they had made. A stop was made at the retirement home by some “children of light”, who shared their joy like St. Martin and sang a few songs to the residents of the home.

To round off this special celebration, everyone enjoyed a cozy get-together around the campfire with stick bread, marshmallows and good conversations.
With a new awareness of the importance of helping each other, a joyful heart and tired eyes, everyone went home afterwards. But even though the St. Martin’s festival is now over, we want to continue to be “a bit like Martin” – as one song lyric put it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and educators who put all their effort and commitment into organizing the St. Martin’s Festival with the children. A big thank you also goes to the parents of the CDSC, who supported their children in practicing the song lyrics, contributed delicious food to the buffet and helped with setting up and dismantling. Only due to their help it was possible to bring great joy to everyone again at this year’s St. Martin’s Festival.